Sunday, September 18, 2011

A journey with a Zuiko Auto-T 100mm f/2.8

My family of Olympus lenses has recently grown. Thanks to Riku, a member of the MFLenses forum, a nice Zuiko Auto-T 100mm f/2.8 has found a new home. Now, with the help of an OM-to-EOS adapter, he's enjoying my 5DII.

Zuiko Auto-T 100 2.8 on EOS 5D MkII - _IGP6146

Despite its focal length, the lens itself is quite compact, just a bit bigger than the Zuiko 50/1.8:

Zuiko Auto-T 100 2.8 and 50 1.8 - _IGP6159

Although my adapter is not fitted with an EMF chip, focusing this lens is not really difficult because of its excellent contrast and reduced DoF (well, i must admit that the Eg-S focusing screen helped a lot). The color rendering is nice, too, with well saturated colors:

Zuiko Auto-T 100 f2.8 at 2.8 - _MG_9576

The lens shows the signs of some CA when used wide open to picture high contrast scenes (check the top of the can above in the full-res picture), but the overall rendition across the full frame is really good. And the CA is easily removed post-processing the pictures.

Some technical data of the lens:

Name: OM-SYSTEM ZUIKO AUTO-T 100mm 1:2.8
Optical scheme: 5 elements in 5 groups
Diaphragm: f/2.8 to f/22
Minimum focusing distance: 1m
Filters thread: 49mm

If you are interested to see more unprocessed pictures shot with this lens, feel free to browse to this Flickr set on my photostream.


  1. This is a nice..Thanks for sharing it us to us!

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    1. Thanks to you for spending your time here and commenting ...
      Those Zuikos are really fine to use ...
      Best wishes for the new year ...